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Why Hire Us?

Why Hire Us

Evaluating suppliers involves comparing their delivery, price, performance, and technical, as well as the quality of management, technical and service quality. Suppliers, existing and potential, shall be evaluated using a standard framework in all cases.

Setting up a benchmarking system and corrective action plan for existing suppliers can be achieved using the supplier evaluation framework. Companies can reward suppliers who perform well and penalize or de-list those who don't. Construction projects and manufacturing industries have practised Supplier Evaluation and Management.

The good thing, AU GrabHire is here to supply most of your construction materials and needs. If you are looking to construct a new building or make repairs, chances are that you’re going to need trucks and other heavy machinery. Unfortunately, hiring these types of machinery and materials can be quite expensive - this is where AU GrabHire comes in. Below we discuss all the reasons why you should trust and start your construction journey with us today!

We Prioritise Quality, Cost, and Delivery

Quality of materials, delivery reliability and cost of construction are three important criteria. The quality level of the procurement items should be the determining factor in supplier selection. The quality of the product must meet specified requirements since it can directly influence the quality of the finished goods. A careful examination of supplier characteristics, such as delivery lead time, should not only be done based on the product's quality.

It is not permissible to evaluate suppliers solely based on unit price. Ownership costs should be taken into account as well. Besides the unit price, the total cost of ownership includes payment terms, cash discounts, ordering and carrying costs, logistics and maintenance costs, and other costs that may be difficult to estimate.

By providing good services when required, suppliers can add value to their products. A supplier may need to respond quickly to a customer's request for product information or warranty service, for example. It is possible to reduce or eliminate waste associated with purchasing raw materials, such as inventory, storage costs, and material transfers multiple times by choosing suppliers with excellent delivery capability.

The good thing with our team is that we have been in the industry for decades. It is not just experienced that we bring forward, but the interest and efficiency of our clients. We make it a point to deliver earlier, going beyond set requirements to give added value to the trust given to us.

Developing long-term relationships

Long-term relationships are sometimes developed by companies with potential suppliers. The supplier in this category generates a high volume of spending and plays a critical role in the company's operation. It requires both parties to have their goals aligned, establish metrics for guiding the relationship, and develop a series of ongoing discussions about how issues and conflicts can be resolved over time in a mutually beneficial manner. Additionally, collaborations can lead to cost-savings projects and new product development. We are proud to have been the constant source of support and reliability by our partners. From renting equipment to outsourcing the required support, we have been with them through their construction journey.

Financial Stability

A supplier's financial standing should be carefully evaluated as it directly affects its ability to fulfil customer needs. The evaluation of credit reports plays a key role in the evaluation of the financial condition. Reports on creditworthiness provide details of supplier financial health. Reports on a potential supplier's experience, management, and facility are included in the credit report. Independent financial statement analysis is a related supplementary procedure. By applying ratio analysis tools to a supplier's income statement and balance sheet, the purchasing officer can determine the supplier's financial stability, pricing policies, and general operating efficiency.

Our record speaks for us. We also provide flexible credit limits to our clients enabling them to manage their finances well, while we ensure that we can accommodate all the needs and requests of all our clients across different sectors.

Our philosophy and performance are dedicated to Total Quality

By using supplier certification programs, you can evaluate the quality of suppliers. An important aspect of certification is that it involves quality criteria, which are demonstrated through the use of statistical process control and such methods as testing the equipment and record-keeping abilities of a supplier. The company may be deemed a "preferred" supplier if it meets some but not all of the organization's criteria and is included on its bidder's list.

Upon meeting all criteria and demonstrating that it can maintain these levels, a supplier may be granted strategic status and placed on the organization's bidders list. In using the strategy outlined above, the company could reduce the number of suppliers it works with by only awarded to those who are certified or who become certified first. The supply base will be reduced because suppliers with low ability will be unable to become certified.

Being in the industry for many years, we have several certifications and accolades from local and international organisations and bodies. We have complied with most of their standards and terms, giving us seals of approval worthy of your trust and confidence.

Final Thoughts

It is common for construction organizations to rationalize their decisions for selecting suppliers based on convenience rather than on identifying the capabilities of their suppliers. It is imperative that this whole process of supplier selection be incorporated into the supply chain management environment, so that bulk materials are available.

The five factors for success can help you avoid the common mistakes made by many companies in the selection of suppliers. An assessment of each supplier's core competencies and capabilities is necessary, and the contractor should decide whether or not to replace that supplier. A prime contractor should be prepared for alternative partnerships if they exit the market for various reasons.

If these five reasons have convinced you to start your construction journey with use, schedule a 20-minute consultation with our experts to find out more.

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