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What You Need to Know About Hiring a Grab Lorry

Hiring a Grab Lorry

Would you like to dispose of a large amount of construction or industrial waste? It's safe to assume that you have already considered plenty of options. Making up your mind can be a little confusing with all of the options available out there, as each method provides different benefits.

Grab lorry is an option you might consider. Tried and tested in different industries, grab lorries have been a staple in project management and addressing of any logistical problems, especially in clearing tons of rubbish from project sites ensuring compliance with municipal laws and regulations, even company hygiene regulations. Below is important information you need to know about grab lorry:

  • Grab Lorries: What Are They?
  • A grab lorry, commonly called a grab hire, is a truck that is equipped with a hydraulic arm and a bucket to collect and dispose of large amounts of waste. Grab Lorries are particularly well-known for the ability to pick up debris from parts of the city that are inaccessible, other than removing large volumes of trash in one trip.

    Consequently, grab lorries can still get the job done when there is limited access to the site you need to clear waste from. If you do that, you'll ensure you're not contributing to the environmental degradation caused by the massive amounts of waste generated by the UK alone.

  • Grab Lorry Capacity: How Much Can They Carry?
  • There is no set size for the capacity to grab lorries. It varies based on how wide the vehicle is, how much material you need to remove, and the location. Below is a brief breakdown of the capacities of different grab trucks.

    • Up to 8 tons can be hauled by a 4-wheel grab lorry
    • Up to 12 tons of waste can be hauled by a 6-wheel grab truck
    • There is a 16-ton load capacity for an 8-wheel grab lorry.

  • Can Grab Hires carry any kind of material?
  • It is possible to remove almost any type of waste with a grab truck. The following are just a few examples:

    • Waste from Construction

      In the construction industry, for example, demolished building materials such as broken concrete blocks, paving slabs, bricks and rubble can be hauled away by trucks. Lorries can facilitate the seamless transfer and disposal of these wastes. Typically, lorry companies have connections and even sites where they responsibly dispose of these wastes.

    • Muck Away

      Wastes such as clay, soil, concrete, stone, and chalk are classified as muck away. Grab Lorries can also transport this type of waste, but it must be separated first. This is considered to be a hassle given its weight and impact on the environment and communities, making it a top priority to dispose of.

    • General Recyclable Waste

      There are also several types of garden waste cleared under this category, including trees, flower cuttings, and hedge trimmings. Additionally, these services can be used for digging and getting rid of a lot of earth and soil.

      As long as the waste, whether garden waste or soil, is not hazardous, it can be disposed of. Therefore, if the area you are working on has been previously or is currently contaminated with chemical spills, it could result in dangerous situations if your waste mixes with the recyclable waste collected from the company before your waste was taken.

  • Grab lorries are not capable of removing all types of waste
  • Grab lorry operations are typically regulated by government environmental agencies. As a result, these companies must comply with the rules and regulations set by these agencies. The upshot of this is that while grab hires can remove almost any type of waste, toxic waste won't be accepted by most companies.

    Batteries, for instance, are hazardous and toxic, so most grab hire services won't remove them. Additionally, grab hires will not take on jobs that involve asbestos, paints, or oils.

    Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, grab hire companies won't take your waste if it contains spilt chemicals or is contaminated.

    It may be necessary for you to look for other ethical methods of disposing of toxic and hazardous waste if your project waste is toxic or hazardous. It's a good thing that most grab hire companies know other waste removal companies who might be able to remove your hazardous waste, and they can advise you on who you should call if not the company they hired can provide that service.

  • Getting rid of debris on a job site can be facilitated by hiring a grab truck
  • Eliminates large amounts of waste at once

    A grab lorry is one of the best vehicles for clearing large amounts of waste from a site because it can handle a lot of waste all at one time. A grab with eight wheels, for instance, can remove three times as much debris as a traditional skip.

    For example, if you have 10 tons of waste, you'll only need to dispatch one grab truck to clear everything. With the hydraulic arm and bucket previously mentioned, the clearing process occurs very fast.

    Automates your manual labour process and saves you money

    Your workers will have to shovel waste into skips manually if they are working with skips to clear manual waste. Not only is this time-consuming, but it also takes valuable time away from the tasks they should have been focusing on.

    The project will also take longer to finish, and you may be required to pay them more. Grab hires are operated by hydraulic arms that do all the work. While you and your team go about your regular business, the truck operator will handle shovelling dirt or lifting bulky waste.

    Permits are not required

    To use a skip on your property, you must apply for a permit from your local council. It takes a lot of work to load and shovel garbage into skips. You do not need a permit, however, when you use a grabber truck.

    The machine simply shows up, loads the dirt from the site, and leaves. The typical time for this is thirty minutes. If it does cause any disruption, it will be for a relatively short period.

    Looking for a grab lorry to cater to your needs, book a 20-minute consultation with our experts to schedule the cleanup.

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