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What Kind of Material Waste Will a Grab Lorry Take?

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A grab lorry is a vehicle that can be used for waste removal and recycling. It will take any type of material, but the most common materials are wood, metal, plastic and glass. The cost of hiring a grab lorry varies depending on what you need to have removed. For example, it would cost more to remove concrete than furniture or paper and cardboard. One thing people don't realise about these vehicles is that they often include hydraulic arms, which make light work of loading heavy objects onto the truck bed by lifting them in one swift motion!

Why Should You Hire a Grab Lorry?

There are many reasons to hire a grab lorry, one of which is it can clear waste efficiently. Grab lorries are primarily used because of their size, making them perfect for various jobs. So if you’re undertaking any construction work that’s sure to produce a considerable amount of waste, a grab lorry may be the best method for disposing of it.

Grab lorry capacity can handle twice as much waste as a skip can. It’s estimated that 8-wheel grab lorries can transport three skip loads, saving you the hassle of hiring three separate skips for the job. To fill three skips would take a lot of time. Why bother hauling waste manually when a hydraulic grab arm can perform the same task more quickly? For 15 cubic metres of trash, it typically takes 20 minutes to fill a grab truck.

When it comes to grab truck waste removal costs, grab lorries are more cost-effective than skip trucks. Hiring a grab lorry will save you money since rentals are on a once-off basis and you don’t need a permit or pay labour costs for filling the truck. What’s more, grab lorries can remove virtually any type of waste.

Types of Waste That a Grab Lorry Can Handle

Construction, demolition or other large-scale jobs produce enormous amounts of waste. Grab trucks have impressive weight capacities, allowing you to clear a large amount of waste off a job site. Below is a list of the materials that grab lorries can haul.

Construction waste

Among the most common types of material that grab lorries are capable of hauling is demolition debris. This includes clean concrete, rubble, cement blocks, paving slabs, concrete broken into several pieces and debris. All of these can be transported with a grab truck safely and efficiently. However, the materials must be clean.

In cases of clean concrete, it’s okay to include a minor amount of tarmac in the mix. But there can’t be any soil, wood, brick or other types of waste mixed in, and there can’t be any reinforcement bars either. All materials need to be appropriately segregated.

General recyclable waste

As you work on your construction project, you’ll need to dig and clear a lot of earth and soil. This is where the convenience of grab lorries comes in. Grab trucks can be used to keep the job site clean and remove any unnecessary waste, such as general recyclable waste that may be present.

The general recyclable waste consists of waste like branches, hedge trimmings and flower clippings. Topsoil and hardcore (a mass of combined solid materials) are also considered general recyclable waste.

It’s important to note that there’s a possibility that waste might become contaminated if you work in an area that has had chemical spills. So before getting rid of any waste, it’s essential to make sure that the waste isn’t hazardous to avoid damaging either the environment or human health. Grab lorry collectors will take recyclable waste provided it has been segregated properly.

Landfill waste

A job site is always going to produce some type of regular waste. To accomplish removing this type of waste, you will need to have some sort of collection and separation system in place. If it's time for the waste to be picked up, then you can arrange for a lorry to pick it up.

Landfill waste refers to all the garbage and trash thrown away by your workers and at the site in general. If your project involves an old building or home being demolished, you could find a lot of trash leftover from previous tenants.

If you have hazardous waste that needs to be transported, you will need to speak with your grab truck provider beforehand because not every company accepts hazardous waste.

Recyclable muck and muck away

Muck away refers to inert materials like soil, sand, rubble, clay, concrete, stone and chalk. Grab lorries will accept this type of trash, but it must be separated first before being loaded onto a truck. Separating them is an essential step in processing the material correctly.

Other Materials

Aside from the common materials found in construction projects, grab lorries can also transport the following: wood cuttings, timber, plastic, glass, tile, insulation materials, furniture items, metal and paper.

What Materials Are Not Suitable for Grab Lorries to Remove and Transport?

The disposal of certain types of waste requires special services. Batteries are among the most challenging product types to dispose of since they’re tricky to destroy. Likewise, asbestos requires special disposal. You can suffer serious problems by breathing in a little bit of this substance. Paintings and oils should also be disposed of properly. If you simply discard these items down the drain, you risk irreparable damage to the water system. Other materials non-suitable for grab lorries include tyres and gas bottles. To put it simply, if you have toxic or hazardous waste to dispose of, you may have to find alternative, ethical disposal methods.

Grab Truck Waste Removal Near Me

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