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What is grab hire? III

What Is Grab Hire|Lorry

Grab hire involves using a lorry the use of a lorry that is equipped with a hydraulic arm for removing large quantities of waste from difficult to reach areas. Commercial clients who need to get rid of considerable quantities of waste from their sites quickly can benefit significantly from Grab hire services.

Why a grab hire lorry service could be right for you - grab hire pandemic

There is no better way to transport a wide range of materials in large quantities than with grab trucks. Grab hire is a highly popular waste management solution and works for everything from muck away and concrete to soil and general rubbish.

With grab hire, you won't need to make several trips to your local waste recycling or transfer station, as you can haul heavy, considerable amounts of waste in one trip. Sand, gravel, and topsoil can be hauled away by pick-up trucks. For convenience, you can load them in loose bags or their bags.

The average grab hire truck can carry 16 tonnes of waste, making it a much more cost-effective option to hiring a skip repeatedly or making repeated trips to the tip.

Who would need a grab hire lorry service?

Many people may require a grab hire service, including:

  • Home renovation enthusiasts - Especially for first-time buyers or developers, home improvements are sometimes necessary for many houses. Compared to smaller DIY projects which may only require a domestic skip, larger DIY projects may require the help of a grab hire lorry. If you hire a grab hire service, the heavy lifting can be handled for you, reducing your accident risk.
  • Gardeners - Gardeners would benefit greatly from a grab hire service, depending on the scope of the project. You can count on a grab hire lorry for garden waste such as soil, sand, gravel and other materials that can be extremely heavy in copious amounts. Get rid of all your junk without straining yourself, hire a grab hire service and get rid of everything quickly and easily.
  • Property developers - A grab hire service can also be very useful to property developers, who can make full use of it similarly to home renovation enthusiasts. Grab hire is the most cost-effective method for disposing of waste generated by homes that require serious work.
  • Self-employed - Grab hire services are superior to other labour-intensive services for those with their labour-intensive businesses. Thus, employees will be kept busy laying patios rather than loading a skip or driving to and from the tip multiple times a day. This will cut down on costs as well as time. A grab hire lorry can handle a variety of different types of waste, so labour-intensive, hands-on companies are eligible to use these lorries.

Waste ideal for grab hire lorry

The lorries can be used to take and recycle a variety of waste materials. The following types of wastes are acceptable:

  • Earth/soil
  • Concrete bricks
  • Hardcore and topsoil
  • Bricks
  • Garden and tree waste
  • General non-hazardous waste

The following types of waste can be taken to a licensed disposal site but most likely won't be taken away:

  • General waste
  • Rubble
  • Hazardous waste

Grab hire is not suitable for the following wastes:

  • Asbestos
  • Paint
  • Oil
  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Some hazardous waste
  • Gas bottles

How big is a grab hire lorry? Are there 16-tonne options?

Grab lorries, which are used for collecting and transporting large quantities of waste, are usually about three metres wide. Thus, it's important that the grab hire lorry is given easy access and that there is ample clearance around the vehicle. It is typical for grab hire lorries to have a height of 3.8 metres and a length of 7.8 metres on average.

How long will a grab hire lorry take to load?

There are several factors involved, including the amount of waste and where it is at the collection point. For a typical amount of waste, if it is properly organized and ready to be transferred onto the lorry, it may take between 15-20 minutes to load the vehicle. Should you have any questions, we recommend asking one of our experts.

How much waste can a grab hire lorry Swindon handle?

Typically, a grab truck will weigh around 16 tonnes when empty. Grab hire lorries are permitted to carry 16 tonnes of waste due to their maximum mass of 32 tonnes. According to the type of waste, approximately 12-15 cubic metres can be attributed to this process.

How far can the hydraulic arm reach?

Double extensions will enable the arm to reach up to 8 metres. This is generally more than is required for those who use grab hire services.

Where should I leave my waste to grab hire lorry?

It is crucial to its removal that it be done efficiently. Leaving it in an open space with plenty of clearance around each side is crucial. This structure should be placed far from trees and foliage, and it should be well clear of any overhead cables. The driver should then be able to pull up alongside the waste, ready for collection.

Additionally, waste pickups can be done entirely contact-free, meaning social distancing protocols are followed throughout.

Grab hire lorry Swindon

During the pandemic, AU Grabhire provides contactless deliveries and pick-ups for our 16 tonne grab hires, along with our other sizes. Are you interested in getting a lorry today? Contact us for more information.

Give us a call today on 0792 200 5551 or visit us at https://www.augrabhire.uk/ for a competitive quote for a quick and cost-effective solution for your waste removal.

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