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It doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more individuals, contractors and companies are turning to equipment or tool hire whenever they need machinery for construction. This is mainly due to the fact that renting plant machinery offers many advantages over buying expensive equipment. When acquiring machinery, you have to consider several factors such as the duration of the project, how the equipment will be used, availability of storage facilities and so much more. In most cases, the cost of acquiring it isn’t justifiable, which is why tool hire is preferred.

Tipper Hire

We all know that construction equipment is very expensive. Acquiring a brand new tipper can severely cut the company’s budget and tie the company down to it on a long run. Tipper hire can help you avoid the expensive cost of purchasing such equipment. Since you only need to hold on to the equipment for the duration of time you need it, you can allocate your financial resources to the other aspects of the project that need more funding. In order for the tipper to function properly, it must be well maintained. The cost to repair and maintain a tipper is significantly lower compared to paying for it as an equipment owner. This is because hiring equipment incurs lower labour and time expenses, making repair and maintenance costs more feasible. If you are a car owner, you are aware of the fact that by the time you purchase the vehicle, you are already exposing yourself with its depreciation costs. Same is true with acquiring brand new plant machinery. A significant amount of initial investment is needed to make the purchase and it could take many years before the company could gain a return on invested capital. Renting the tipper can help you avoid the depreciation costs that come along with equipment ownership. A piece of valuable equipment such as a tipper needs proper storage when not in use. If you purchase one, you need to worry about placing it in a safe facility where it can be kept for the long term. When it comes to renting the equipment, this drawback is taken away from your shoulders since you will only be having the tipper for the duration of your construction project. Market fluctuations are a reality in the construction industry. You often have no control over the number of projects that you’re going to have within a year, which is why it is good to keep your costs as low as possible. You can do this by avoiding the cost of acquiring brand new machinery and hiring a tipper only when you need it. Hiring plant machinery is increasing in popularity due to its numerous advantages and these advantages can protect you against market fluctuation.

Grab Lorry Hire

Grab lorries are usually hired to clear waste and muck that has built up on construction sites or residential areas or transport raw materials back and forth in construction sites. These materials are often very difficult to move, which is why grab lorries are hired.

Grab lorries have strong hydraulic arms which can reach the raw materials and wastes with ease. They can carry large quantities as well, from green waste, concrete, rubble, bricks, aggregates, topsoil to non-hazardous wastes. Due to the fact that they can carry huge loads of raw materials and wastes, the need to carry out multiple trips to transport this is eliminated, making them a fitting and popular choice for most individuals, contractors or companies.

Rubbish Removal Truck Hire

Hiring a truck for rubbish removals comes with many benefits, mainly for its affordability. Most companies in the UK only charge you for the rubbish that you ask them to remove. So instead of personally collecting waste and transporting it to recycling centres, hiring professionals can help save you time and money.

Waste also comes in various types and you need to separate them before disposal. This can be a huge hassle if you are planning to do it on your own. Since rubbish removal companies have trained professionals who have the right equipment and the proper knowledge of waste disposal, hiring them is way more time-saving, energy-saving and convenient. Aside from that, the need to carry bulky waste is taken away and the disposal of dangerous waste products are left under the care of experts.

Wiltshire Waste and Recycling

If disposed of in landfills, green waste can release harmful greenhouse gases like methane to the atmosphere due to anaerobic decomposition, which is why proper waste disposal and management are very crucial for the environment.

To minimise the greenhouse effect, green waste must be separated from other wastes and disposed of properly. This will also help conserve space in landfills.

Since green waste is biodegradable, it can also be recycled. Recycling green waste can produce soil fertiliser that can be used to enrich the soil and make plants grow better. Although green waste recycling is an endeavour that can be done by anyone, it is time-consuming and very messy.

Instead of separating and disposing of wastes by yourself, allowing professionals to handle it is a far better solution.

Equipment Maintenance

A quality and solid maintenance program improves the lifespan of construction tools and equipment and decreases the possibility of downtime within the duration of your project. Doing this on a regular basis will help you spot problems right before they become a serious issue. If equipment or machinery begins to fail or needs repair, this will cause downtime issues for your project. This is not a problem if you have extra equipment lying around but it is a big hassle for contractors who need to finish a project on time. If machinery or equipment is maintained properly, it will always perform at its peak efficiency, improving the overall productivity of the team. Fixing it way before a serious issue comes along will help you reduce the cost of repair as well. If scheduled properly, the equipment downtime can be made on a date that will not hinder the project. If you do not want to worry about equipment maintenance, hiring equipment is a great option that you should consider. If you want to know more about plant and machinery hire, give the guys at AU Grab Hire a call on 01793 297217. They offer a wide range of high-quality machinery that will suit small to large commercial or domestic jobs!

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