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The Bulk Bag Services

The Bulk Bag Services

Purchasing very high-quality materials when you want to build a driveway is an expensive way of building pavements, driveways, or walk paths.

A smaller-scale project doesn’t need strong foundations to carry a whole building. Purchasing proper quality materials for your projects is a must, especially when you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy too much.

Here in this article, we will show how to save money and probably the environment too!

What are aggregates?

Aggregates are rocks, gravel, sand or other pieces of used construction concrete. The aggregates are used when you would create concrete for the construction. These aggregates allow the concrete to improve in strength.

The aggregates would come from quarries and mines. They would take these pieces of rocks that they would extract from mountains or quarries. It will then be delivered to various construction sites to make concrete or bases for foundations.

If you are building a large building or heavily used road, you would need higher grade aggregates for the weight of the building to support itself or the streets to hold many heavy vehicles on the roadway.

For smaller-scale projects like driveways or walkways, you don’t need such high-quality aggregates. Purchasing high-grade aggregates for projects that don’t need it is just a waste of money, and it will be cheaper for you to purchase lower quality aggregates because it isn’t required.

Because the cement mixture doesn’t have to carry cumbersome things, you can purchase lower quality aggregates to save more money!

The importance of aggregates to your construction

There are reasons why aggregates are used in constructions, and here are some reasons why they are essential in your project:

The stability of the project

Concrete is strong but isn’t strong on its own when trying to carry an entire building. That is why you add small rocks or aggregates to use their strength to hold up the building.

The aggregates of your project will determine the stability of your foundations. These will be mixed with the concrete so that it will be able to withstand heavier loads and last longer than usual concrete builds.

With aggregates, it will make your buildings as hard as a rock but as moldable as clay (when it hasn’t hardened, of course).

Determines the quality of the concrete

Using the specific types of aggregates would determine how your concrete will be used. Because your concrete will be mixed along with the aggregates, the mixed concrete will have similar features to the aggregates that you used.

Choosing higher grade aggregates would typically mean using this concrete for pillars or supporting the ground foundations. Lower-grade ones are made for the floor or walkways of your home.

It prevents shrinking or cracking

When a piece of concrete(without any aggregates, let’s say) would undergo the effects of the weather, in a few days or weeks, it will start to have cracks or shrink. If this happens to your driveway or building, it can cause massive disorder in the balance of foundations.

The building or driveway may fall, or parts of them will be damaged.

Aggregates prevent concrete from shrinking or cracking. It significantly improves the elasticity of the concrete and makes it stronger when undergone with the weather.

Fewer expenses

If you were to build a pavement with just concrete and water, it would take so many bags of concrete to fill up the whole street. This makes it more expensive because typically, bags of concrete would cost seven times more than the value of sand or gravel.

Having aggregates take up space instead of full concrete lowers the price. Aggregates increase the volume of the concrete without reducing its strength of the concrete.

Are you looking for low-grade aggregates? We have a wide assortment of bulk bag scalpings for your small scale project. Here in AU Grabhire we can direct you to the aggregates that you would need for your construction.

You can purchase our aggregates in bulk bags.

Visit our page to find more about the perfect aggregates needed for each of your constructions.

Scalpings bulk bag

Before talking about scalping bulk bags, we would need first to discuss what scalpings are.

Scalpings are a type of aggregate that comes from crushed asphalt, scrapings from the roads, and tarmac chippings. They are perfect for your lower scale construction projects, and it is the ideal material when building your walkways or driveways.

This could be considered an environmentally friendly way of using construction materials and reducing quarries’ mining to increase the materials needed to construct them. They come from used construction materials from previous projects.

Instead of throwing this leftover asphalt or tarmac, it will be reused and recycled for later use. It can be given or collected from past previous working sites by various people.

Scalpings are used the same way normal aggregates are used, and they are mixed with some concrete and water to make up the liquid concrete that you would see in usual construction sites.

The scalpings are also used by compressing them to be made into walkways or pavements.

You can purchase bulk bag scalpings here on our website. We, at AU Grabhire, provide bulk bag hire in Swindon. Each bulk bag can contain 42,825 cubic inches worth of the aggregate that you would want to purchase. Consider visiting our website to find the suitable aggregates or scalpings that you would like for your road.

Bulk Bag Services

We offer a variety of gravels for several applications. All of our products are available for loose deliveries or in Bulk Bags. We also have an extensive selection of decorative aggregates to add a touch of class to any garden or project. Most Gravels are used for Drainage, driveways, borders, footpaths, water features and many other applications to improve the ascetics. We also offer a bulk bag waste collection service as a quicker, more cost-effective alternative to mini skip hire.

All aggregates that we sell can be bagged for smaller applications such as driveways and landscaping.

Our Most Popular Products

Aggregates - MOT Type 1, Crushed Concrete, Screened Topsoil, Tarmac Plainings, Scalpings, Ballast, Sharp Sand, Building Sand, Gravel 10mm, Gravel 20mm, Gravel 40mm, Plus a wide range of decorative stone and flint.

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