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How to Choose the Best Grab Hire Company in Swindon

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One major indicator of progress in any town or city is the presence of visible construction. Construction involves planning, managing, execution and collaboration with numerous skilled individuals.

If you have an upcoming construction project, you already know that it needs a lot of construction materials and labour. You need to find a reliable purveyor of construction materials who can offer the right quality and quantity of goods at a reasonable price point. You might also be wondering how you can collect all the construction materials and place it where you need it to be, or clear them away when they are not needed anymore. This is where grab hire comes in.

If you are not familiar with grab hire, you are in the right place. We will tell you all the things you need to know about it.

What is grab hire?    

Grab hire is a service that is perfectly suited for moving or disposal of large amounts of construction materials and waste that are very heavy and tedious to clear away with. It is a convenient and cheaper alternative to other material or waste removal approaches.

Grab hire is made possible with the use of a grab lorry. The lorry has a built-in hydraulic system which powers the grab arm and collects materials or waste in its bucket. This service clears away large quantities of materials or wastes from areas that are otherwise very hard to reach: the hydraulic arm of a grab lorry, with its included attachments, can reach 5 to 8 metres.

Grab lorries were specially designed to fit into inaccessible areas and carry a substantial amount of load. They can be hired to deliver locally sourced construction materials to the construction site or muck away large amounts of waste that build up during construction. The materials and waste can be very difficult to move and grab lorries were made to provide a wonderful solution to this problem.

You might be wondering what muck away means. It is simply the process of clearing the construction site of anything that could potentially get in the way. It is essential to any construction project because it keeps the area clear and safe.

If, for instance, you need aggregate on your construction site, a grab hire can deliver it to you conveniently and timely. Whether you need to deposit the aggregate directly on the construction site or over the fence and walls, you don't have to worry about a thing. Fully- licensed waste handlers and personnel are always there to help you with anything that you need.

Most grab lorries have plenty of space to collect materials because they are mostly about 3.2 meters wide. So no matter how much materials or waste you intend to carry, deliver, or clear away, you can be sure that grab hire can do the job perfectly!

  • Muck
  • General waste
  • General rubbish
  • Concrete and rubble
  • Inert muck such as soil, chalk, clay, etc.
  • Green waste - garden waste such as flower cuttings, grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, and branches, etc.
  • Aggregates such as Screened Topsoil, Tarmac Plainings, Crushed Concrete, Scalpings, Ballast, Building Sand, Sharp Sand, Gravel 10mm, Gravel 20mm, Gravel 40mm, decorative stone, flint, etc.
  • Mixed waste - wood, leather, plastics, metal, etc.
  • Recyclable materials like clean concrete and rubble - bricks, paving slabs and bits of tarmac

How much does it cost to hire a grab lorry?    

The cost of hiring a grab lorry depends on the size of the lorry and the kind of construction materials or waste you will be collecting and disposing of. Most grab lorries can accommodate a load of 8 to 16 tonnes as the maximum weight the lorries could carry is mostly 32 tonnes: an empty grab lorry weighs about 16 tonnes! Sixteen tonnes is the estimated weight that 3 skip containers could carry.

So instead of hiring 3 skip containers, you just need to hire 1 grab lorry. Just imagine all the space and load that one grab lorry could carry compared to skip containers, not to mention the savings you can get out of it!

Grab hire and skip hire can both be used for commercial and domestic purposes. The matter of choosing which service is best solely depends on the scale and type of your project.

If your project requires receiving or removing large amounts of construction materials or household waste, grab hire is simply the most reasonable service to go for but if you have a smaller scale of materials and waste to move, a skip hire would be a reasonable choice as well.

Is grab hire cheaper than the skip?

One major advantage of a grab hire is the number of materials or waste it can hold. Typically, a grab lorry can accommodate twice or thrice the volume of materials or waste than two or three skips. Not only does a grab hire fit more materials or waste, hiring one costs less than hiring two skips. Now that's a construction investment that doesn't break the bank and keep you within budget!

Aside from the fact that grab lorries have a large capacity to hold materials or waste, they are also easy to move. Their popularity is due to their ability to reach inaccessible areas. Construction materials or domestic wastes can be removed from the roadside and no paperwork is needed to do that.

You should also take note that you may have access problems with skip hire. To keep them on the road, you need a permit and approval times may vary from city to city. For that reason, a skip container is best suited when the construction or domestic location has enough space for it, rather than keeping it out on the road.

To put it all together, taking advantage of a grab hire company in Swindon is beneficial for your construction project or domestic needs. Don't just settle with any company though. Make sure that they will offer you the best service and support for the best price.

  • Affordable prices
  • Friendly and professional attitude
  • Excellent customer service
  • Reliability

Add the fact that one grab hire can carry a load that two or three skip containers could carry. So it's relatively cheaper to hire a grab lorry than the skip if you have a substantial amount of materials or waste to move.

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