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How Many Grab Lorries Do I Need?

How Many Grab Lorries Do I Need

Grab lorries are a popular choice for transporting goods and materials. They are also useful for moving things around your home or office. But what happens when you need to move more than just one load? How many grab lorries do I need? This blog post will help you decide how much equipment you might need to complete your current or future tasks.

This blog post is about how many grab lorries do I need, as well as the cost of a single grab lorry. We'll be looking at the various types of vehicles that can be used in place of a traditional truck or van such as a 4x4 pick-up truck.

Purpose of a Grab Lorry

The grab lorry is a specialised truck that is designed and manufactured to be used for heavy-duty rubbish collection. It is seen as one of the most essential components of successfully clearing rubbish in construction or landscaping projects. Aside from this, it is also a cost-effective option. Compared to many other alternatives to rubbish removal, such as manual shovelling which can take days to clear waste, grab lorries can collect rubbish more quickly.

Grab lorries are distinguished from other vehicles by their use of a large hydraulic grab arm, which gives the lorry a distinctive look. Using the arm of the vehicle, the operator can access places that would typically be inaccessible using other types of vehicles.

Moreover, it is equipped with a bucket to facilitate the cleaning process. The combination of its arm and bucket enables it to collect large quantities of debris in just one go.

A grab lorry helps access areas that may be difficult to reach. But how far can a grab lorry reach? Let’s take for example an 8-wheel grab lorry. Its arm can extend away from the vehicle by approximately 8 metres.

When Are Grab Lorries Useful?

In general, if an industrial or construction project calls for the removal and transport of large quantities of waste, then a grab lorry can be a highly valuable asset. This is particularly true if there are very tight areas involved on-site and if it would be difficult to handle or clear waste using other types of equipment.

For avoiding manual labour

The process of manual labour consumes a lot of time and energy. Having to manually shovel waste can cause delays and drops in productivity. This is something to avoid, especially when working with a limited schedule. Grab lorry services can help you operate more efficiently and help you keep your project stay on track.

For reaching inaccessible places

Waste removal is made much easier with a grab lorry, even in hard-to-reach places. With its hydraulic arm, it can reach inaccessible areas and lift debris with ease. This can make picking up waste more efficient, saving you valuable time in the process.

For a more efficient alternative to skips

The advantages of grab lorries over skips lie in the fact that they can hold a greater amount of material. This is why for larger construction projects with greater quantities of waste, grab lorries can be a better option. Because they have a bigger capacity, grab lorries won’t take many trips to haul away debris. In contrast, using skips might take twice as long to complete waste removal. This makes grab lorries more cost-effective than skips in the long run.

For clearing waste from a construction site

It's not easy to keep construction sites clean and clear of waste. This is particularly true when it’s near the end of a project, regardless of whether the project is commercial or domestic. If you want the property to be cleaned up effectively, then you can hire a grab lorry to safely pick up all of the debris. An additional benefit of hiring a grab lorry is that it can haul away waste directly after the removal has been completed.

How to Decide How Many Grab Lorries You’ll Need

There are several factors to consider in deciding how many grab lorries you’ll need for your project. Here is a couple of them:

  • Size of the project

    First, determine how big your project is going to be. Are you constructing a small single-family home? Or is the project for constructing large-scale commercial properties such as a shopping centre?

    As a rule, the size of the project can determine how much waste will be generated in the end. Generally, the larger the construction or engineering project, the larger the amount of waste produced. Meanwhile, projects that are smaller in scale generate smaller and more manageable waste quantities.

  • Size and capacity of the grab lorry

    After determining the size of the project, it’s essential to match it with a suitable-sized lorry. Grab lorries come in three different sizes: the 4-wheel, 6-wheel and 8-wheel.

    A 4-wheeled grab lorry can extend its arm by 5.5 metres and has a maximum grab load capacity of up to 8 tonnes. A grab lorry of this size is equivalent to 1 skip.

    The 6-wheeled one has a maximum reach of up to 6.2 metres and a maximum load capacity of up to 13 tonnes. Hiring a grab lorry of this size is like hiring 2 skips.

    Lastly, there’s the 8-wheeled grab lorry. It has a maximum grab reach of around 8 metres and a load capacity of up to 16 tonnes. This grab lorry is equivalent to 3 skips. This makes this type of lorry the most ideal for large-scale projects.

    Determining the size of your project and estimating the amount of waste generated can help you figure out which type of grab lorry is most suitable for your needs. You can approximate how many units you’ll need to hire based on the capacity of each grab lorry.

Professional and Affordable Grab Lorry Hire Services

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