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Everything you need to know about waste removal: muck away

Muck Away Services

You know that AU GRABHIRES offers great services about aggregates. Did you know that AU GRABHIRE also offers Muck Away services too? In this article, we will explain what muck away is, and how we can help you with it.

What is Muck Away?

Muck away is when materials and waste have been removed from commercial, residential and private premises. Muck away enables the construction project site to be kept clear and wide, especially when the type of construction produces a lot of waste materials.

The waste generated from construction sites consists of scrap metal, debris, wood, plastic and many more! The demolition of old buildings and the construction of the new building entails a major source of waste which is finally relegated to the landfill. The waste that is accumulated after site demolition, elevation, clearance and renovation need to be managed properly and as soon as possible to prevent fire risks, contamination of soils, health and safety issues and to protect our environment. The waste can be recycled and used later in other construction processes if disposed of properly and at the correct location..

What are the 3 types of Muck Away Materials?

Muck away is classified into 3 types. These are the INERT, HAZARDOUS, and NON-HAZARDOUS.

  • Inert muck away is a waste that has not gone through any physical, chemical or biological changes and is less likely to affect any other matter that it comes into contact with. They include concrete, hardcore, soil, subsoil and brick.
  • Hazardous muck away can be defined as a gathering and collecting of waste that has properties that make it harmful to human health and our ecosystem at large. This type of Muck Away may appear when clearing gasoline stations.
  • Non-hazardous muck away can include a collection of different waste products that are considered not harmful to human health or the planet.

The resulting waste from clearing sites are the other classes of muck away. These will include all materials removed from a location that may also include waste and soils as a result of digging.

Grab Hire for your muck away.

AU GRABHIRE has many Grab Lorries available for you, depending on the amount or type of waste materials, site access or the size of your project. We have what you need.

Tipper trucks are very useful for removing a huge amount of waste in a single journey. They will need to load it with an excavator or digger, so the site will have to be large enough to accommodate the turning circle or rotational diameter of such machines.

If your sites have smaller spaces or access is limited, tipper hire is the best option. The extendable arm and bucket of the truck can be used by the operative to reach over obstacles to collect the waste and deposit them into the load compartment. Materials that have already been separated into containers, such as skip bags or grab bags, can be extracted efficiently and transported away for recycling.

Why use Grab lorry for muck away?

The main benefits of grab hire is the amount of waste it can bring and hold, a standard grab lorry can typically fit over twice the volume of waste as two skips. Also, it can save you more money, it does so at a fraction of the cost of hiring two skips, providing high efficiency without breaking the bank. The convenience of a grab lorry means it can travel directly to your site at a time most suitable and convenient for you, collecting and securely transporting the waste with minimal disruption.

Benefits of AU GRABHIRE Muck Away Service

There are many advantages to using our muck away services when clearing your construction sites and establishment:

  • Low carbon footprint and clean compared to skip hire
  • Our grab hire vehicles can grab and hold high volumes of waste materials
  • We always provide qualified and professional drivers to safely operate our vehicles
  • Waste removal is completed quickly and efficiently
  • Grab lorries can navigate small roads and move around commercial sites with ease
  • Clears your garden or site of muck so your project can commence and complete quickly and professionally

What can you expect with AU GRAB HIRE muck away services?

AU GRAB HIRE has an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We believe in keeping the customer happy and providing them with products and services at a very competitive rate. AU Grab Hire and Muck Away services offer an affordable and professional service that will take care of your Muck Away project for you quickly, efficiently and to a budget that you can afford.

We are here to provide you with professional waste removal that is quick and efficient. Our drivers are all professional and are always fully trained to do this kind of waste removal so that you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly and completely.

We offer a comprehensive range of waste services in Swindon and the surrounding area including Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. We specialise in helping our customers to gain the on-site assistance that they need at a price they can afford. We can also supply muck away services with our grab/tipper lorries to help with disposal. Whatever your budget and requirements, rest assured that we can provide a solution.


AU Grab Hire service is suitable for highway, large domestic projects, commercial or construction work where the disposal of bulk waste is required. It is a much quicker and cheaper alternative to traditional skip hire.

We have experienced grab lorry drivers who work safely and efficiently to load and collect your waste. We can handle up to 18 tonnes a load. The crane has the ability to reach over fences or other fairly small obstructions. Wherever possible we will place aggregates in a labour-saving manner e.g. spread across a driveway in small manageable heaps. We can remove large numbers and quantities of non-hazardous or hazardous materials like hardcore, limestone, sand and ballast, crushed concrete, green waste, topsoil and scalping.

Give us a call today on 0792 200 5551 or visit us at https://www.augrabhire.uk/ for a competitive quote for a quick and cost-effective solution for your waste removal.

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