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Wiltshire Waste and Recycling

waste and recycling

Do you practise proper waste disposal and recycling? If you tend to mix your green waste with your other household waste, then you are not doing it the right way. Your green waste will only end up in the landfill and that is not a sustainable way of managing any kind of waste.

A lot of people do not prioritise the proper management of green waste. It may come as a surprise to them, or to you, that considering it comes with a lot of benefits. If you want to learn the importance of removing your green waste properly, read on and find out.

Wiltshire Waste

According to the Wiltshire Council, the following can be placed in your garden waste bin.

  • Bark
  • Biodegradable bedding such as hay, shredded paper or straw from pets that do not eat meat (hamsters, mice, rabbits)
  • Cut flowers
  • Cuttings
  • Grass cuttings
  • Hedge clippings
  • House plants with the soil removed
  • Leaves
  • Prunings
  • Shrub prunings
  • Twigs and small branches
  • Untreated sawdust and wood shavings
  • Weeds

What is Green Waste?

Green waste refers to organic waste with high amounts of nitrogen that can decay or rot. It is also otherwise known as biological waste. We have already listed the objects that are considered green waste however, objects such as dried leaves and hay do not belong to this category because its carbon concentration is higher. In several studies, human activity is shown to be the major contributor to green waste production and the top countries that produce this kind of waste are China, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Green waste comes with many benefits. It can be used in the production of renewable energy, manufacturing of topsoil and disposal of sewage.

One vital use of green waste comes in the manufacturing of topsoil. Manufactured topsoil is produced whenever industrial waste like fly ash and coal dust is combined with green waste. As soon as it begins to decompose, the manufactured topsoil provides nutrients that are essential for growing crops. The woody elements of green waste are very important because it is responsible for increasing the quantity of manufactured topsoil. Aside from providing nutrients to crops, manufactured topsoil introduces minerals back to the soil and increases its capacity to retain water.

Another benefit of green waste comes in the management of sewage. Sewage disposal plants mix it with sewage so that it can be composted. This process eliminates the pathogens and pollutants that are present in sewage, making it safer to handle and dispose of. In some cases, the composted materials are collected by the agricultural industry. This specific handling of sewage has been linked to the reduction of wastes that are dumped in landfills and the reduction of wastes that are dumped and incinerated every year.

Another benefit of green waste comes with the production of biogas. When green waste begins to decompose, it gives off cellulosic ethanol, a kind of biofuel. The usage of biogas can lead to the reduction of our reliance on using petroleum gases.

Green Waste Remova

The proper management and disposal of green waste is very important to the environment. When disposed of in landfills, green waste will decompose anaerobically, releasing methane and other harmful greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. This will contribute to the warming of the climate due to the greenhouse effect.

To prevent this from happening, all you need to do is separate your green waste and make sure to dispose of them in the proper way. Doing this will also help conserve landfill space.

Green waste is biodegradable and this makes it recyclable. Recycling green waste produces soil fertiliser which is widely used by agriculturists, farmers, gardeners and landscapers to enrich the soil and grow various plants. Although you can do this process on your own, it is actually a messy and time-consuming endeavour.

You may not be aware of the cost it takes to manage your waste. For instance, if your local council needs to dispose of waste in your nearest landfill, licence costs and landfills levies have to be paid, as well as the actual collection of waste, its transportation and dumping in the landfill. If you add all the cost throughout the years, you will end up with a considerable amount.

If you choose to recycle your green waste, you can actually help to reduce these disposal costs. Not only will they ensure that your green waste is recycled and not disposed of in the landfill, but create valuable compost out of it.

We all know that cleaning up the garden is time-consuming and not always a job we want to do. If your amount of green waste is too much for you to handle, calling in the help of professionals is a very reasonable thing to do. This will help you keep your garden clean and free from odours, as well as keeping it free from pests and keep your family safe.

Removal Lorry

Hiring a removal lorry to manage your green waste can help keep your property and garden clean. Simply find a grab hire company in Wiltshire and they will collect your waste and properly dispose of it.

Cleaning and removing green waste on your own can be very time-consuming and costly on your part. If you need to manage more important things, outsourcing your green waste disposal will free up your valuable time. Aside from giving you the flexibility of time management, waste disposal services can save you many hours of sorting through your waste.

If you are looking for a grab hire and muck away company to manage your green waste, speak to the team of AU Grab Hire at a time that is most convenient for you. For more information, you can reach them through 01793 297217 or enquiries@augrabhire.uk.

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