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What is a Muck Away Service?

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Muck away service is a method of removing a large amount of inert waste. It is a broad term which entails the physical removal of spoil from construction and building sites. It is otherwise known as cartaway or spoil away.

This service is usually set in motion during the primary phase of a construction project where ground excavation culminates in the removal of topsoil, vegetation and other debris. When a property is planned for redevelopment and the old structures have been demolished, the waste materials from this project will be building-related: broken asphalt, metals, concrete rubble, insulation and bricks are just some of the waste that should be cleared from the site before any type of groundworks or construction can begin.

What is muck away waste?    

As we have mentioned earlier, property redevelopment and excavation produces a lot of inert waste. These are the type of waste that are not biologically or chemically reactive: they do not decompose and that is why they have to be collected properly. Muck away waste usually accumulates in construction projects or site clearances where groundwork has been initiated.

So, what types of waste are considered as muck away? Aside from broken asphalt, metals, concrete rubble, insulation and bricks (which we have already mentioned earlier), topsoil, cement and other construction wastes can be added to the list as well.

How are muck away wastes classified?

There are three major categories for these types of waste; inert, hazardous and non-hazardous.

  • Inert muck away waste. This is waste that did not undergo any physical, biological or chemical changes. Any matter that comes in contact with this waste is less likely to become affected. The subsoil, hardcore soil, concrete and brick are considered inert muck away waste.
  • Hazardous muck away waste. This is waste that is considered unsafe for humans and the environment. An example of this is the waste accumulated from demolishing a petrol station.
  • Non-hazardous muck away waste. This can include an array of waste that is considered not detrimental to the environment or human beings.
  • Others. This is waste accumulated from site clearings such as mud, leaves and farmyard cuttings.

How are muck away wastes collected?

Concrete waste. Large chunks of concrete are broken using a pneumatic drill. As soon as all concrete has been demolished, they must be broken further into manageable pieces before collected. A grab hire or muck away collector would collect all concrete waste.

Topsoil. Some construction or landscaping projects call for land to be adjusted according to the specified design. These projects would require excavation and earthworks which would likely result in the accumulation of excess soil.

In order for the construction or landscaping project to continue, excess soil must be cleared from the site. Grab hire services and muck away collections can deal with topsoil waste.

Construction waste. Construction projects tend to accumulate a lot of inert waste and waste removal is needed to ensure a safe construction site. Stones and bricks can be removed immediately without being broken down. Cement and concrete, on the other hand, must be broken down into manageable chunks before removed from the site.

No matter how small or big your waste removal need is, AU Grab Hire can provide the right solutions for you.

You might be wondering where collected muck goes. Before they can be disposed of, collected muck must be classified. If the waste collected is inert or non-hazardous, they can be sent into

inert tipping or recycling facilities where they can be processed or recycled. In some instances, some waste cannot be processed or recycled and would need to be sent to the landfill.

To minimise waste going to the landfill, bricks can be crushed and used in constructing new roads while biodegradable waste can be added to compost and sold to companies as fertiliser.

Why are grab lorries great for muck away wastes?

Grab lorries have grab arms that are powered by hydraulics. They are used to collect waste or other materials and store them in its receptacle. They are capable of clearing away large quantities of waste especially in hard to reach areas. Aside from removing muck away waste, they can be hired to source construction materials as well.

There are a lot of companies that can remove muck away waste but choosing the right one may not be easy. To help you with this dilemma, we have made a short checklist that you can consider.

The muck away service provider must:

  • Be suitable for highway, construction work, commercial work and large domestic projects where a large amount of waste is required for removal
  • Be able to provide a quicker and cheaper alternative to the traditional skip hire.
  • Have experienced grab lorry drivers who are capable of working efficiently and safely
  • Be able to handle up to 18 tonnes of load (or less)
  • Have a lorry with a crane that can reach over fences, walls or small obstructions
  • Place construction aggregates in a labour and time-saving manner (for example, spreading the aggregates in a driveway in small and manageable heaps)
  • Be able to remove small or large quantities of hazardous or non-hazardous wastes such as scalping, topsoil, green waste, crushed concrete, hardcore, limestone, sand and ballast
  • Have an excellent track record
  • Believe in keeping clients happy by providing them products and services that are reasonably-priced
  • Able to provide a cost-effective solution for your waste removal
  • Able to provide a competitive quote
  • Offer affordable and professional service
  • Quickly and efficiently finish any task

If you have any questions about grab hire and muck away services, why don’t you give the guys at AU Grab Hire a call? You can reach them on 0792 200 5551 or enquiries@augrabhire.uk.

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